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“I help corporations, individuals, leaders and organizations empower themselves in achieving unity by ending anger, hate and prejudice, personally and professionally.”

Reality Focused Dynamics (RFD) is a coaching, consulting and professional speaking organization helping you achieve long-term success, personally and professionally, by improving your bottom-line results.  We help you lower your expenses, improve your Return On Investment (ROI) and keep your budget on track by adding clarity and confirmation to your daily efforts as we eliminate bureaucracy, confusion and extraneous expenses.

We focus on keeping you on top of your world, personally and professionally, by breaking all your issues down to the minimum viable product or service as we understand the true realities of every situation so the solutions become very real and reachable too.

Call us today for:

  • Executive and/or Personal Coaching to help break your issues down and achieve Reality Focused solutions everywhere you go.
  • Management Consulting to keep your Program/Project on target, under budget and within the scope as we help you rise to the next level by eliminating the issues that can bog you down and concentrate on Reality Defined, Focused Solutions and Dynamic Results for your bottom-line success.
  • Presentations at your events make your event stronger, and more memorable, as your company or organization can utilize their knowledge in success-focused solutions.
  • Workshops improve your investment in your employees, money and time by implementing solutions that you, and your employees, can use today and lead the team to their success for tomorrow.
  • Master of Ceremonies – does your program need a dedicated, knowledgeable MC to manage your meeting or event for total success?  Schedule us for your event today!


2024 is our year for Achieving Unity!

End Anger, Hate and Prejudice!

  • Standard price: $12,000.00
  • Schedule the excellent presentation of “Achieving Unity: Ending Anger, Hate and Prejudice” as we eliminate the incorrect cultures of yesterday with the ongoing value found in the better cultures we are creating today. The presentation will improve success at your Company, Organization and/or University.
  • All forms of Anger, Hate, or Prejudice cost us, and everyone around us, a huge expense every day.
  • Let’s achieve a Unity of success locally, and around the world, starting now.

I am looking forward to talking with you today!