1. We must understand that misunderstanding is a choice!

  • How many times has your spouse seemed to walk away from a conversation with you or hang up the phone from a conversation and may not remember most or possibly any of what was discussed or possibly agreed?  It may be time to rethink/rebuild the love and caring you both shared and enjoyed with a few easy steps.
  • Do some of your conversations seem to be just talk with a loss in value? Do you sometimes tend to think that our spouse is hearing but not listening?  Possibly not clear on what you said and what you may have believed your spouse understood?  What’s next?
  • Contact me today so I can show you multiple advantages to engaging your spouse more in conversations.   Your spouse may truly want to listen but feels strongly evolved elsewhere.  Let’s build on your passion and love as we grow the relationship to higher values!

2. Relationships, from personal to professional

  • From home to office and then home – your relationship with your spouse should be very different from what occurs at the office.  We can quickly identify and release the pressures at or from work by appreciating the love and passion we cherish at home.
  • Let me share several solutions to keeping your home life intimate, loving and personal while your office life remains productive, profitable and stays locked in your office!  Your personal life continues to grow with the fun and joy you always believed was possible!

3. Custodial arrangements (divorce) – eliminate the hardness of “custody!”

  • In a divorce or separation with children, there are too many situations where parenting time is scheduled based on a “custodial arrangement!” We can instill shared parenting to continue the love for our children by focusing on just a few easy realities on priorities!
  • Who is in custody? Are our children in custody? Is the judge/lawyer arrangement beneficial to you and your children’s arrangement?  We can remember that our children are important with a only a few changes in what we say around our children.
  • Let me help you work through any negative feeling of anyone being in “custody” and remain the sharing family/parents you always believed in even when separated or divorced!
  • This is purely a discussion outside of any legal issues.  This is creating solutions on a caring, loving and personal basis.  I do not and cannot give any legal advice.

4. Communication: You can keep your problem or create a solution!

  • How many times have you seen your spouse do something foolish or say something foolish and you just let it linger on our shoulders? Let me help you with the right things to say or do to help both of you grow a stronger loving relationship.
  • The solution to our problem is much simpler than the weight of the issue!  Too many times we feel we know something needs to happen but are not sure what or how to respond.  Let me help you take the weight off of your shoulders.  The lighter feelings of greater joy and happiness can be unlimited!
  • Call me today and let me show you ways to schedule solutions to the real issues and let those lingering weights dissolve into the past and quickly forgotten.
  • Let’s work together to eliminate procrastination and build prioritization.

5. Get the “h” out of whine and pour me a glass!

  • Isn’t it a greater joy to have a glass of wine than listen to someone else just sit and whine?
  • How many of your conversations with your spouse seems more of a whine than true conversation?  There are many steps we can share that can grow your conversations from a whine to a positive, caring discussion of value and character!
  • Let me work with you on removing another’s whine and creating a positive, optimistic view on how to grab the conversation and take it to the next higher/greater level!  It works with your spouse, family and friends!
  • Call me today to schedule time to move beyond the “whining” so you can grow you life toward a positive success on an ongoing basis!

6. Seeing 20/20: Identifying the extremes

  • Many of us have heard of the Pareto Principle where the theory maintains that 80% of the output from any given situation is determined by 20% of the input.  Have you thought about how this can affect you and your relationships also?
  • If we take just a little time, we can actually see that many activities and conversations could be based on one extreme or another.  Why would your spouse or friend say “that?”  How should you respond?  There are a few quick ways to truly hear what they are saying and how you can respond!
  • Call me today to schedule time to help understand how our basic morals/principles support the majority of our “actions” while a smaller portion defines our “reactions” that generally turn out to be more costly!

Thank you for your time as you read about a new success for your relationships with your spouse, family and friends.  Contact me today so I can help you understand the reality of every situation, focus on a determined solution and create the dynamics that take you over the top!

I am looking forward to hearing from you, please call today or select schedule at the top and we can meet at your earliest opportunity.