I hope you enjoyed the article “Is that your Anger” published in our newsletter on October 14, 2023.

The article discussed the lack of value in anger. It does not matter why someone is angry, the result of the anger does not produce any value for anyone. Raising our voice to someone only shows our immaturity or insecurity.

ANGER, “Actions Not Gaining Effective Results™,” quickly shows that the person who expresses that anger may feel empowered within themselves but the result of their action is ineffective compared to the same action in a professional manner.

We must prioritize our success toward producing desired and intended results.

If we realize that remaining CALM (Cancelling Anger Leads Motivation™) can provide a more mature, long-term benefit for everyone involved. We know the person receiving the information from a calm person will accept the information much more clearly and be more apt to lead from a positive motivation than an angry person.

Overall, speaking calmly facilitates effective communication and promotes a more positive and productive interaction with others, leading to better results in various personal and professional endeavors.

Speaking CALMly can help clarify communication as it will promote us toward articulating our thoughts more clearly and concisely. It helps us avoid rushing through our words, ensuring that our message is understood accurately by others. Our CALM nature will also help promote:

Enhanced Listening: When we speak calmly, we tend to listen more attentively.

Reduced Tension: Calm speech has a calming effect and diffuses tense situations.

Builds Credibility: Speaking calmly demonstrates confidence and self-assurance.

Effective Sharing: Calm speech can be persuasive as it allows us to make our points calmly without resorting to aggressive or confrontational tactics.

Positive Influence: Our calm demeanor can positively influence the behavior of others. When we model calmness and composure, we encourage others to respond comparably, fostering a more motivational and productive environment.

Speaking with ANGER can hinder conversation, friendship and our desired progress. A few points that result from ANGER include:

Lack of Clarity: Unclear goals or objectives can lead to aimless actions. Do we listen more intently when someone is angry with us or raising their voice at us?

Lack of Accountability: It would be easy for us, and the person we are angry with, to lose track of the conversation and not be able to hear or remember what is said.

Unrealistic Expectations: Through anger, we can set unrealistic expectations because of the lack of clarity which leads to disappointment and frustration for all.

If you ever feel you are about to be angry, remember that ANGER is “Actions Not Gaining Effective Results.” The stress you may be creating for everyone can cause more issues instead of creating the results we would like to receive.

Be CALM. “Canceling Anger Leads Motivation” for us and everyone in our circle. Personally and professionally.

Gaining effective results begins within us. Our effective actions can motivate us to better leadership.

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