Unity is our ability to join together to form a single group, team or society. Unity can be an excitement where we are uniquely positioned to help each other succeed as well as help other groups, teams or societies succeed around us.

A good example would be a football team that did not have an opponent or an endzone! If we could imagine all/any professional team, with the right ideas, to always be progressing in a positive format. A team of any size would huddle together, agree on the plan going forward, and then the full team would work together to achieve that goal. How could a team like that ever lose?

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Then why do we not see our ability to work together in every step of our everyday life?

Too many times we seem to have a culture of attitudes that do not want to play together. Too many times we have a small number of individuals that want to create an issue based on their culture and/or expectations. They may have seen it accomplished in a different way previously or they just do not want to follow forward at that moment.

Think of a time in all our lives whether we are at home, in school, at the office or at an event and someone is insecure or uncomfortable as part of the current group or team. They may, at first, seem to be just a friendly heckler but they consistently attempt to harass one or more of the group, team or society to create conflict.

Would any team succeed with a heckler that was continually bringing negativity, at any level, into a team construct? No, everyone must be able to communicate clearly and positively with each other about the defined goal.

It is always good to bring in new ideas in a constructive, positive manner, that could bring value, but it is never good to create unnecessary conflict. This type of conflict will always limit our ability to Achieving Unity.

Conflict can create anger and hate as it is also building a wobbly platform of prejudice against someone, or others. We must remove the conflict immediately and ask questions to understand the basis, and expectations, behind the possible heckler. What is their attitude or drive toward creating conflict within the group, team or society that could easily be resolved through communication and collaboration? Is it truly possible their idea could fit within the value stream?

Let’s work together to build on the excitement of Achieving Unity. Achieving Unity will help us all succeed going forward as a group, team or society. A society that can put an end to Anger, Hate and Prejudice!

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Thank you, I am looking forward to working with you soon.

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