Where did we learn to be angry?

OK, sure, when we first appeared in this world, some doctor slapped us on the “you know what” and we screamed as loud as we could! We were not happy about the situation of coming out of our mother’s warm belly into a cold room with a draft of cold air and then slapped! We were probably thinking, “what could I have done wrong?”

But, as we grew older, didn’t we get over that first slap on the “you know what?” It really wasn’t that hard and, for most of us, the world has improved dramatically! We now have choices! Yes, we can now choose to leave situations that are not to our benefit.

Aren’t we at the point now that we know that ANGER is “Actions Not Gaining Effective Results™!” Yes, sure, there you go again reminding me about that first slap on the “you know what” but that is different. There was an effective result to that soft slap as it was known as a way to stimulate the baby to take its first breath. After the first breath and cry, slapping and anger must be eliminated.

As the medical industry has learned over the years, the slap on the baby’s “you know what” is not needed. Today, many medical professionals rub the baby’s back with a warm towel to help stimulate that first breath.

We also need to learn that anger of any kind is foolish. There is truly no value to anger. There is no ROI (Return on Investment) to any physical anger. Anything we can do when we feel anger can probably also be handled with a warm towel! No, I don’t mean popping the other person on the “you know what” with a pop from the end of that warm tower as we may have done in the gym during high school!

Anger does not solve problems and anger generally escalates situations beyond control. If we ever feel a need to be angry, we must quickly ask ourselves “Where’s’ the value” to any anger I may want to express? How will there be any value received from the result of any form of physical anger, including yelling?


We are learning more every day that anger is more of an action by someone that is immature, insecure or frustrated beyond their ability to exercise a mature reaction. Any physical action stemming from anger is a direct indication that the person may be working on a learned action, reaction or culture, and not acting in a manner that is mature or professional.

The best thing to do when we are angry, or frustrated, is to just say “What the f…rustration™!”

Let’s work together to end anger now. That first slap on the “you know what” is over and we can learn to improve ourselves every day.


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