1. We must understand that misunderstanding is a choice!

  • Too many times we walk away or hang up the phone from a conversation and may not remember all of what we discussed or possibly agreed to fulfill! 
  • Do we nod our heads but are not clear on what we heard and what we should have understood.
  • Contact me today so I show you multiple advantages to respond in conversations to help validate what they said compared to what we heard and define the values we want to take forward!

2. The BID system – Break It Down to create success

  • Our world can be overwhelmed with tasks that sound easy but contain too many large efforts.
  • I have led/managed multiple methodologies and created a greater iterative, small step, process that helps you personally and professionally to break those tasks down to a true level of success.
  • Call me today so you and your team, department, company or corporation can instill an Agile Scrum philosophy that grows accountability and responsibility!

3. Relationships, from personal to professional

  • From home to office and then home – your relationship with your staff, subordinates, peers and senior executives should be very different from your home life.
  • Let me share several solutions to keeping your home life intimate, loving and personal while your office life remains productive and profitable and stays locked in your office while your personal life continues to grow the fun and joy you always dreamed was possible!

4. Communication: You can keep your problem or create a solution!

  • How many times do we see an issue or problem and just let it linger on our shoulders? Too many problems drive our attitude on a daily basis.
  • The solution to our problem is much simpler than the weight of the issue that we seem to carry on our shoulders, or possibly around our neck, as we continue each day. The weight of greater joy and happiness is much limitless and lighter too!
  • Call me today and let me show you ways to schedule solutions to the real issues and let those lingering weights, or rope, dissolve into the past.

5. Get the “h” out of whine and pour me a glass!

  • This speech/workshop parallels with a couple of my other speeches and workshops as so much of our day seems to participate with others in a whining extreme.
  • Let me speak/work with you on removing another’s whine and creating a positive, optimistic view on how to grab the resolution and take yourself to the next greater level!
  • Call me today to schedule time to move beyond the “whining” so you can express your success on an ongoing basis!

6. Seeing 20/20: Identifying the extremes

  • Many of us have heard of the Pareto Principle where the theory maintains that 80% of the output from any given situation is determined by 20% of the input.
  • If we look a little deeper, we actually have two extremes that work on each side of the 60% that impacts the load. We have probably all heard the “left vs. right” in the political arena but it also impacts us in our personal and professional lives.
  • Call me today to schedule time to help understand how our basic morals/principles support the majority of our “actions” while a smaller portion defines our “reactions” that generally turn out to be the most costly!

7. You can keep your problem or create a solution!

  • Is it procrastination?
  • Is it prioritization?

Contact me today so I can help you understand the reality of every situation, focus on a determined solution and create the dynamics that take you over the top!

I am looking forward to hearing from you, please call today or select schedule at the top and we can meet at your earliest opportunity.