As we continually improve on Caring, Helping and Including others to end Anger, Hate and Prejudice, we can also focus on improving the situation long-term over just changing for the moment.

An article published in the November 19, 2023, Achieving Unity newsletter was about “Hate is a choice, not a virus!”

The article shared that most all of us have been impacted by a cold or flu from a virus. Most all of us have also been impacted, at least temporarily by HATE, “Having Accelerated Troubled Expectations™!”

We can truly hate it when something negative happens beyond our control but we can quickly get over it with HELP, “Having Excellent Leadership Plans!™

As good leaders, we know that “things beyond our control” do happen and we must have plans to circumvent those “things” and not accelerate the troubled expectations. The more we anticipate or accelerate that something is going to go wrong, doesn’t it seem that Murphy’s Law occurs more often than usual? 😊

Our positive attitude, and leadership planning, can help us appreciate the unknown and prepare for it. We can do simple things such as always remember to bring an umbrella to a parade in case it rains and we can “expect” the rain to be lighter than forecasted or not rain at all. If it does rain, even a downpour, we can put our excellent leadership in motion with plans to do something else instead of the parade. The world, today, brings us more options than ever before. We have the option to expect or create something positive.

With excellent leadership, isn’t the first question “Do I want to make my day better or do I want my day to be ruined because of something occurring that I have no control to improve?” Good leaders are focused on making the day better.

When our expectations promote solutions to problems, our day will always accelerate toward appreciation of the unknown. With good leadership, we can quickly learn to appreciate the unknown and have fun with it. Yes, it is not fun to be excited about whatever parade it is we want to see, or participate in, but accelerating troubled expectations does no one any good.

Also, as leaders, we need to HELP others with their plans so they, too, must understand that HATE is not good for anyone. Let us share a cheerful outlook in realization that we have no control over the weather or another person’s actions if we have not shared our positive leadership with them previously. We do not know what we have not learned!

Leaders, each of us, realize that hating something or someone can be nothing more than immaturity or insecurity within us. That troubled expectation can lead a person to put someone else down to only create a virtual, imaginary, self-endowed level where they falsely, and temporarily, feel greater or stronger than another person. A false feeling about a person that may have absolutely nothing to do with their current situation.

The accelerated or anticipated trouble is generally based on rumor, opinion, speculation and/or false evidence. Their FEAR, “False Evidence About Reality™, must be controlled to eliminate any rage that could also begin.

We can stop Having Accelerated Troubled Expectations, HATE, by understanding that life is what we make it and we can make it impressive. We all can have issues and some issues can be devastating but our ability to Have Excellent Leadership Plans, HELP, can bring us back together in supporting each other.

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