Mark Entrekin is a professional speaker, trainer, motivator, management consultant, life coach and entrepreneur.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Systems and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management with multiple certifications. He has over 30 years’ experience as a positive, innovative, pull up your shirt sleeves, lead to success, solutions driven leader with extensive experience in creating climates that increase desire, commitment and the motivation to succeed.

His diverse background brings an exceedingly complex understanding of and insight into helping us all achieve unity.

This understanding and insight gives him a unique and exciting approach to consulting, life coaching, business coaching, professional speaking and training that, in turn, support his directives. Mr. Entrekin’s innovative, pull-up-your-shirt-sleeves approach in business and personal leadership coupled with his extensive experience in meeting goals will create a climate of desire and commitment, and will promote our motivation to succeed.

​As a Life and Business Coach since 1990, Mr. Entrekin works with families and individuals to support them in divorce, relationship recovery, and parenting issues. He provides coaching to individuals, couples and groups, helping to build successful relationships.

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A business that licenses a complete business. For example, a restaurant chain that provides everything required to open a restaurant location such as know-how, processes and branded products and services. This benefits the franchisor as they can expand profits without investing more capital. 

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Developing products and services that meet relatively unique customer needs.  Business models based on the reuse of products and assets. This is a way for a small business to compete with far larger competitors that benefit from superior economies of scale. For example, a small local bakery that offers high quality wedding cakes.


A business that allows amateurs to access a market that was once exclusively controlled by professionals. For example, a video sharing site that allows anyone to monetize videos. This may compete with professionally produced television shows, music videos and movies. A broad category of commerce that includes any sale of goods or services that use digital channels.